Christmas Beauty Set(s) to Give (or Receive)

It may only be November but it is never too early to start the Christmas countdown. This year more than ever as we spend more time at home due to lockdown (again). This unprecedented year gave us the opportunity to (re) discover home-made meals, cosmetics and the art of doing "at-home" spa.

This self-care and relaxing time at home are good habits that allow ourselves to relax and energise and feel stronger in your day to day life. That should NOT stop in 2021. 

Some of you are very organised (like my sister) and are looking forward to "Black Friday" to fill your Santa's stockings but you probably need more gift ideas (or to complete your whist list). Keep going we are here to help :)

For Christmas, Ya Beauty offers you a selection of ‘MUST HAVE’ beauty tools both for her and for him.

1. Body Dry Brush

Dry brushing will detox and energise your body by increasing the blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic drainage to expel body toxins that our body naturally produces. Using your body brush every day before showering will gently exfoliate and remove the top layer of dead skin cells (accumulated dirt and acids) for a smoother and toner skin.

To find out more about dry body brushing, please visit our blog article:

“Dry brushing: why is it good for my body and how to do it?”

2. Gua Sha Massage (Face and Body)

Gua Sha literally means "scrape the sha" (the 'sha' refers to chronic diseases). It is a natural beauty therapy that involves gently scraping your skin to improve blood circulation and balance energy within the body (the 'qi'). This ancient Chinese routine offers a natural alternative for a radiant and glowing skin and a better overall health by addressing some chronic pains (headache, acne, dark circles...). 

3. Face Massage Roller

Used since the VII century by Chinese Bourgeoisie, Face Massage Rollers look against the wind of our modern and (over) connected way of living. Nevertheless,  it is a beauty "must have" to adopt very quickly in your daily self-care ritual if you want to release facial muscles, promote product absorption and help to lift the skin over time. If you deal with eyes bags in the morning, you can place it in the fridge overnight for a better cooling and de-puffing effect. 

4. Beard Brush

The biggest benefit of using a bread brush is to condition your hair, remove frizzing and promote a homogenous growth of your beard and give your hair that extra shine. It will also to better distribute beard oil and sebum across the beard for a healthy looking hair. Natural boar bristles will reach your hair at any level and help to remove static electricity. 

Our Special Christmas Beauty Gifts

 Ya Beauty “Detox & Glow” Gift Set contains:

Ya Beauty “Detox & Lift” Gift Set with:

Ya Beauty “For Him” Gift Set contains:

To find out more about our crystals, their properties and benefits, please visit our blog article “The Power of Stones”.

If you rather prefer to leave the final choice to your beloved one, we should recommend you to offer our Gift Card. All Ya Beauty face and body massaging tools help you to take care of your skin and your wellness.

Ya Beauty team wishes you a very great Christmas.

Take care of you and your beloved ones xx

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