Ya Beauty was born during my first pregnancy when I was looking for natural substitutes to replace products in our bathroom cabinets. Initiated to Traditional Chinese Medicine tools and techniques by my stepmother, I've started to move from chemicals to the Gua Sha scraper for my daily facial routine. The results are real (even with sleep deprivation following baby birth), I've also started to use it on my legs (to fight cellulite) and the rest of my body. 

Yogi since 2015 (and hopefully yoga teacher in 2021), I've gradually discovered the 7 powerful chakras to intensify the benefits of my practice. Using crystals in accordance to each of these chakras has allowed me to deepen my meditation practice. 

Naturally, I've carefully accorded crystals on my daily beauty ritual to these chakras, which now I would like to share with you through Ya Beauty. This name comes from the contraction of YogA (YA) which I'm convinced, contributes either in our internal and external beauty and wellness. 

Using precious and manually shaped stones to develop a skincare routine that is equal parts beautiful, relaxing and effective for both your mind, your face and your body is Ya Beauty motto. Hope you will enjoy as much as I do everyday. 

Please don't hesitate to share with us all of your personal experiences and/or reach out for further advise to use these wonderful tools. 

Lucie, Ya Beauty Founder, 16th June 2020.