What are the origin and composition of Ya Beauty Massage tools?  

All our products are hand-made from 100% natural and authentic stone. They are sourced in different countries: 

  • South Africa (Pink Quartz, Tiger Eye
  • Mexico (Black obsidian)
  • Brazil (Green Aventurine, Blue Spot Jasper, Amethyst)
  • Xinjiang (White Jade)

For more information about our stones, please visit our blog.

Ya Beauty tools are designed and hand-crafted using traditional skills in China, where they are initially originated and used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

How often should I use a Gua-Sha? 

We recommend using your Gua Sha tool twice a day to see benefits on overall health and elasticity of your skin. It's preferable to use it once on the morning and once on the evening after gently cleansing your face. But you can use it how many times you like, whenever your face needs a moment of soothing calmness.

When to use Roller vs. Gua Sha ?

If you are using both Facial roller and Gua-Sha in your face ritual, we personally prefer using Roller on the morning for its de-puffiness action and Gua Sha on the evening to boost lymphatic drainage before going to bed. Obviously if you have time to use both, do it as properties and benefits of each tool are complementary.

For more detailed information on the benefits of each tool, please visit our blog. 

Does all skin type can use Ya Beauty facial massage tools? 

Yes, all skin type can use Ya Beauty tools. 

Can I use Gua Sha if I deal with acne/rosacea? 

Gua Sha can be very helpful as it acts as a sort of system sweeper underneath your skin. It comes in because it’s gliding across your skin in the right direction in order to remove that waste (through lymphatic drainage)… and that waste is what’s behind skin congestion. Nevertheless, you should NEVER use Gua Sha on breakouts or/and inflamed or burned (by the sun for example) skin.  

Our Restorer and Warming Black Obsidian collection is perfect for acne-prone skin. You should avoid using the tools over active breakouts but can focus on the rest of the face to reduce stagnation and encourage lymph drainage 🖤.

If you’re dealing with really solidified blackheads, we recommend to go to a facialist for extractions before using Gua Sha to prevent it from building up like that again.

What skin product should I use with Gua-Sha and roller tools? 

You can use Gua Sha and Roller with or without any product but oil will help your board run smoothly across your skin.

We suggest using your favorite oil, facial serum (2 drops) or moisturizer. 

Also, massaging your face with either Roller or Gua Sha allows a better absorption of your products and consequently strengthen its action and benefits. 

How do you clean and store Ya Beauty tools? 

We suggest cleaning your tool with soapy warm water and pat it down with a soft clean towel before putting it away in the storage pouch that is included with each purchase. Please ensure it's completely dry before storing it. 

Regarding the Vibrant Electric Roller, only wash the stone part of the tool. Keep the handle away from water. Never put the electric Roller handle under running water.

Ya Beauty can not be accountable for any disfunction after cleaning. 

For an added cooling effect, our facial tools like the jade rollers, the de-puffing mushroom and the facial eye masks can be kept in the fridge overnight.