The Power of Stones

Besides enhancing our beauty and physical health, Stones also contribute to improving mindfulness & healthy chakras.

First used in China in the early Middle Age, and then allegedly used by Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, the skin-healing and energy-balancing properties of crystals have rightly earned their place within our beauty routines and rituals.

Open Muladhara मूलाधार (the root chakra)

Restorer Black Obsidian

  • It has the most powerful energy of all the crystals and extracts negative within our body that can benefit muscle tissues recovery.


  • Its healing abilities promote balance and inner peace within the body, as well as improve our mental well-being (as stress and anxiety) and increase confidence. 
  • This stone helps to minimize pores, prevents breakouts, softens, and hydrates the skin. 
  • It helps the body digestive system by reducing built-up tension and restores a more fluid state anatomy. 

When should I use it? 

  • Acts as a protective stone, you can use it as much as you wish. 

Balancing Tiger Eye

  • Tiger Eye is the stone of motivation and courage. 


  • Balancing yin-yang and energising the emotional body, this stone helps stabilise mood and self-confidence as well as release tension. 

When should I use it? 

  • Lack of energy in the morning??                                                                   Use it and give you a boost of willpower for your day ahead. 

Open Anahata अनाहत (the heart chakra) with:

Soothing Pink Quartz 

  • Stone of love which promotes self-acceptance and kindness. 


  • Calms inflammation and redness through to its ability to retain a low temperature and staying cold when you are using it. 
  • Soothes stress and fatigue which cause fine lines and wrinkles.

When should I use it? 

  • Refrigerate overnight and use it in the morning to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eye area (preferably with a mushroom tool). 
  • Before going to bed to facilitate product (serum, creams, ...) absorption and renewal of skin cells. 

Anti-Inflammatory Green Aventurine

  • Known as the positive and lucky stone. 


  • Naturally cooling, this stone is great for calming the skin, reducing inflammations, treating juvenile acne (avoid any active breakout) and chill out tired facial muscles.
  • In Japan, stones made from green aventurine are said to neutralize the effect of electromagnetic pollution on skin. 

When should I use it? 

  • In case of inflammation, you can use it twice a day for a better result (but never use on a breakout or active rosacea). 
  • Used in the morning, it will boost collagen for a plumper, fresher-looking skin. 

Open Vishuddha विशुद्ध (the throat chakra) 

Anti-Stress Blue Spot Jasper

  • A protective stone that enhances and encourages creativity. 


  • Helps with the minerals balance in the body, reduces swelling and aids in fighting haemorrhoids, as well as restoring a digestive disorder. 
  • This stone improves skin elasticity and discourages the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • Known as an anti-stress, it brightens the skin and promotes confidence. 

When should I use it? 

  • Acting as an anti-stress stone, you can use as much as you wish preferably in the morning or during the day to boost your creativity and self-confidence.  

 Opening Sahasrara सहस्रार (the crown chakra) ...

Purifying Amethyst

  • Amethyst promotes stress relief by removing negative energy.
  • Its name derives from ametusthos which means "not intoxicated" in Greek. 


  • This stone emits infrared rays that slightly raises the skin temperature to increase blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. 
  • Its detoxifying powers help to prevent bacteria growth and tighten the pores. 
  • This healer reduces the toxic load in the body and supports cellular regeneration. 
  • Used for boosting the immune system and the endocrine system which discernible benefits in treating headaches, skin infection, and digestive problems. 

When should I use it? 

  • Recommended for blemish-prone skin, it can be used in the evening to draw out positively charged toxins and detoxify the skin. 

Energizing Opal 

  • Opal is a highly absorbent and reflective stone. 


  • It promotes strength and enhances water assimilation, and balancing body water content. 
  • This stone can help to remove infections, and purify the blood.

When should I use it? 

  • Great when used with other blue stones and/or Black Obsidian.
  • Opal is great support for ladies dealing with hormone production issues, menopause, and during childbirth. 

Harmonizing White Jade

  • Calming, this stone protects from negative energy and restores harmony. 


  • White Jade helps with fluid regeneration, high blood pressure, and imbalances in blood sugar levels.
  • Healing, this stone smoothes wrinkles, sculpts muscle, and tightens loose skin.

When should I use it?

  • Used in the morning, it will help revitalize your energy. 
  • Highly recommended on the leg and arm areas after intense physical effort. 




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