Organic Skin Care for Sensitive, Atopic skins: Meeting with Lucie from Réjence.

Few days ago, I have met Lucie (via Google Meet), the Founder of REJENCE, specialist in organic skincare for eczéma, atopic & sensitive skins. 


Hello Lucie, could you quickly introduce yourself?

I am 43 years old and the mother of two daughters, Réjane and Emma. From a very young age, I was made aware of the importance of taking care of our health and that is what gives meaning to my life and my choices for accomplishments. I'm also a fan of mountain hikes and yoga which soothe and rejuvenate me, although I don't practice them enough!

How did you come up with the idea and the desire to create REJENCE?

My daughter Emma has eczema since she is one year old. Once, my pharmacist asked me what product I use to wash Emma. Back home, I decoded all the product labels I was using and that was a big eye-opener… and the start of the REJENCE adventure. I am not a pharmacist, dermatologist or scientist ... and it is perhaps thanks to this new look at cosmetics that REJENCE products are so different!

Can you explain to us how the composition of Réjence products is different from the products already available for atopic skin?

I started by listening to the needs of my daughter's skin! Atopic skin is very dry skin that needs nourishment every day to become stronger. Atopic skin also has an abnormally higher pH, which causes bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus, to proliferate, causing itching and inflammation of the skin. The role of a cosmetic is therefore to protect the skin and its ecosystem.

Unlike the products available for atopic skin (with an occlusive effect), in REJENCE products we have replaced inactive, toxic, superfluous ingredients with active ingredients and prebiotics, for the nutrition of the skin microbiome and the epidermis. We thus help the skin to be stronger and we create an environment favorable to the development of the good bacteria essential for our skin balance, without any harmful effects and without affecting its exchanges with the outside world.

Our products are 100% natural without compromise! They are ultra-concentrated, certified organic and their effectiveness is scientifically proven thanks to an innovative study unique in Europe “Evaluation of REJENCE dermo-cosmetic products on the biomechanical properties of the epidermis indicating atopic dermatitis”.

Our skincare products are of course formulated without alcohol, with natural fragrances without allergens, without essential oils …

How do you select the ingredients which make up your products ?

We have this guideline: efficient, good for sensitive skin and good for the planet.

  • Efficient: the best natural, pure, cold-extracted, untreated essences with proven efficacy.
  • Good for sensitive skin: without essential oils, with natural fragrances without allergens ...
  • Good for the planet: we source ingredients from residual biomass with an ecological approach. We control the origin of the ingredient, the level of eco-responsibility of the supplier and the extraction processes must be sustainable and respectful of the planet.

Sourcing an ingredient is a real journey that also involves great encounters and know-how! We push the limits of formulation to make no concessions on naturalness and effectiveness.

Which skincare routine do you recommend for sensitive to atopic skin?

How often, which product, gestures to be reproduced ...

We have developed a routine dedicated to sensitive to atopic skin, made up of three products that you find in our Atopic Skin Care box.

  1. Wash with Le Gel-Creme Nettoyant for face, body, hair, intimate hygiene. This skin care product is very rich in native organic aloe vera juice to gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. The prebiotics and the ideal pH of this treatment strengthen the natural balance of the skin and the microbiome. Sensitive skin particularly appreciates the very soft cream texture and the fragrance-free formula! Ideally, it is applied directly with the hands to avoid irritating friction with the skin.
  2. Nourish & hydrate the skin with Le Gel-Crème Quotidien face and body. Rich in native organic aloe vera juice with an ideal pH and enriched with prebiotic to promote skin balance. The gel-cream texture is immediately absorbed and therefore allows immediate dressing!
  3. Replenish and soothe the skin with Le Serum Huile-Apaisant, Oil-Serum for face and body. This emollient treatment intensely nourishes the skin to strengthen the intercellular cement and restore the elasticity of the skin.


Taking care of your skin is part of a comprehensive self-care approach: eating healthy, doing activities that lower stress levels (yoga, drawing, etc.), promoting good, restful sleep.

Enjoy a moment of well-being in the evening before going to bed by accompanying your serum with a massage to promote relaxation, well-being and calm. We have specially selected for sensitive skin the Anti-inflammatory Green Aventurine Gua-Sha Massage from Ya Beauty and Anti-inflammatory Face Massage Dual-Roller from Ya Beauty if your skin is reactive.


Are your products suitable for acne, blemish-prone skin?

If you have acne-prone skin, you might have a problem regulating sebum production and a tendency to develop the bacteria P. Acnes, which secretes pro-inflammatory substances. Our skincare products, by (re)balancing the epidermis and the microbiome, will also promote skin balance in skin with imperfection.

We heard a lot about double-cleaning, can you explain its benefits ?

A skin perfectly free of all its impurities regenerates much better. Double cleansing is a gentle and respectful method to deeply cleanse the skin in two steps:

  1.  "Take off" the fatty substances lodged on the pores of the skin (make-up, pollution, excess sebum) with our “Huile Demaquillante” (oily make-up remover).
  2. Perfect cleansing without drying out the skin with Le Baume Nettoyant Apaisant (The Soothing Cleansing Balm).

This method therefore promotes the natural process of skin regeneration, essential for healthy and glowing skin! 

Is Double-cleansing suitable for all skin types? 

It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin if the gestures are gentle and if the products are respectful. It can indeed improve the condition of a skin in crisis, prone to imperfections, soothe sensitive skin, bring radiance to a dull complexion …

How often do you recommend doing double-cleansing?

We do this every night, before going to bed, because it is at night that our skin regenerates the most. To establish a relaxing routine before bedtime, reduce stress and promote calm and restorative sleep, you can accompany this routine with the face and the Pink Quartz Eye Mask | Relaxing & de-puffing from Ya Beauty, a must-have!


In line of respecting the planet, your product range is suitable for all family range. Could you tell us more about it?

We have developed products that adapt to all skin and hair types, for the whole family. Concentrated and ultra-clean formulas that adapt to all areas of the body, including the most fragile.

Take the example of the Gel-Crème Nettoyant (Cleansing Gel-Cream), it is a 5 in 1! Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shower gel, intimate hygiene treatment, for the whole family.

Our objective is also to offer a way to “consume less but better”. If you stop attacking your scalp with irritating products, it naturally secretes less sebum, so your hair greases less quickly and you gradually space out the shampoos. It's all about respect :)

To find out more, join us in live with Lucie from @rejence_dermo Wednesday 14th April at 4.30 pm on @rejence_dermo !

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