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Acupressure Gua-Sha Spoon Pink Quartz | Sculpting


Gua-Sha Massage is part of the Chinese skincare routine since the dawn of times. 

Specifically designed for deeper and more precise face & body massage, the Gua-Sha Spoon can help to: 

  • Drain puffiness from the face
  • Sculpt particular area of the face, like the cheeks
  • Stimulate acupressure point(s) to ease facial tensions
  • Detox via lymphatic system

Open Anahata अनाहत (the heart chakra) with pink quartz...

Rose quartz is soothing and promotes self-love, reflection, and acceptance. It is known as the stone of love.

Tip #1 Ya Beauty: If you use it in the morning, place the Gua-Sha spoon in the fridge overnight for a better de-puffing effect. 



  • Hand-made with 100% natural and authentic pink quartz (from South Africa). 
  • Each piece is unique in pattern and colour, ranging from a translucent wash of colour to more opaque pink.
  • Stone is fragile so please handle it carefully. 
  • Wash your stone after each use with warm soapy water and pat it down with a soft towel until it is completely dry.  
  • Store it in its pouch.

To find out more about our stones, their properties and benefits please visit our blog

1. Start with a clean face which has been prepared with your regular moisturiser.

  • Could be facial oil, serum and/or cream.

2. Use the rounded area to:

  • Massage around the eyes to de-puff.
  • Sculpt the face focusing underneath the cheekbone

3. Use the smaller end to stimulate acupressure points:

  • Focussing on the areas near the brow bone, the temples, the ears and along the jaw.
  • Massaging in small, slow circles into the trigger points. 

4. Clean your tool with warm soapy water and pat it dry with a soft towel. 

5. Store your Gua-Sha spoon massage in its pouch. Place it in the fridge with your want to intensify the de-puffing effect. 

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